Manhattan WMOS

Warehouse Management System Configuration and Support Capabilities

Stat9’s Warehouse Management Support helps increase warehouse service levels while lowering operating costs, by completely automating location and task management utilizing wireless RF.

Stat9’s Warehouse Management support provides operational support in the areas of receiving, returns processing, directed forklift operations, case and repack operations, order selection, shipping, cycle counting and inventory control.
Warehouse Management practice will track and manage each and every unit from receiving to shipping and loading. Capabilities such as directed putaway and replenishment, picking, and loading allow for efficient management of all aspects of warehouse operations. More sophisticated functionality such as Cross Docking, Pick-By-Line , Pick and Pack, and product traceability are fully supported.

Due to its unique flexible architecture and fast implementation capabilities, Stat9’s Warehouse Management practice will meet the size and business requirements of any organization – from small businesses to large enterprises and logistics service providers – delivering the right functionality that will help maximize operational efficiency and increase throughput. Configurable policies for putaway, replenishment, picking, and task assignment give warehouse management supervision total control on managing the operation.

Proven Configurations that Improve the efficiency of product flow in:
Receiving and putaway
Order selection and replenishment
Truck loading

Reduce clerical costs with:
Receiving discrepancies
Order discrepancies
Inventory adjustments

Reduce excess inventory and shrinkage:
Provides accurate inventory information
Supports cycle counting and physical inventory
Ensures timely and accurate product rotation

Improve customer service:
Reserve inventory to fill a customer order as soon as the order is released
Prioritize customer orders based on delivery dates

Main Features:
Receiving with bar-coded pallet IDs including vendor applied SSCC
Support for Crossdock and Flow Through product
Dynamic putaway location assignment
Forklift task delegation and interleaving
Order selection
Demand-driven pick slot replenishment
Integrated bulk picking
Random weight processing
Lot tracking from receiving through shipping
Automate manual operations, such as cycle counting
Improve space utilization in the warehouse and in outbound vehicles
Improve customer returns processing
Confirm picking correct product by using wireless terminals, scanners, and voice terminals
Full multi-lingual support
Value-added-services such as kitting
Labor Standards

Stat9 Utilizes and Configures SAM EWM, Red Prairie, Manhattan WMOS to support custom operational needs.