Freight Logic

The FreightLogic System is comprised of five separate and highly integrated modules as follows:

The FreightLogic Pricing Module

A complete transportation pricing database and contract administration system that allows you to manage all types of Carrier rate and discount information using a single screen. This module, although closely integrated into the overall FreightLogic System, may be used in an interactive environment to look up shipment pricing, Carrier discounts or information for analytical pricing studies.

Shipper specific Parcel, LTL, Pool, Truckload and Rail rates are entered and maintained by a single interactive user interface. Actual shipment costs may easily and quickly be analyzed by members of your Distribution, Finance, Invoicing, Sales or Purchasing Departments.

Carrier selection can be made based on cost, service or a combination of both.

The FreightLogic Planning Module

A sophisticated transportation management software program designed to reduce your transportation costs by consolidation and optimization of your upcoming shipments based on a very thorough and complex analysis of data downloaded from your Order Department. The system selects an economical routing and mode of transportation in response to various parameters tailored to meet your and your Customer’s specific service needs.

The FreightLogic Maintenance Module

A module for configuration and maintenance of default values and Customer specific criteria that will be used in the FreightLogic Planning Module. The configuration may easily be changed at anytime and as often as desired to meet your specific needs. You can customize your business rules for each separate warehouse or facility.

The FreightLogic Tracking Module

A module for tracking shipment status, POD creation and management, Claims generation and management, a comprehensive reporting function, and manager of security details for the system. Your sales personnel or Customers can determine an up-to-the-minute delivery status of any shipment via a secure Internet connection.

The FreightLogic Web Tracking Module

This module allows you to track shipments from one source as opposed to calling the carrier or researching several different carrier web sites. This feature also allows you so to search in a variety of ways, such as by P.O., BOL, MBL, or Model number, thereby making shipment tracking much easier for the user. You may also set security to allow your customers access to information regarding only their shipments.

There are two optional web based modules that are highly integrated as well:

The FreightLogic Notification Module

The alerting and notification module allows proactive monitoring of shipments, which is especially valuable for time-sensitive shipments. Events include alerts when something happens and/or doesn’t happen. The alerting and notification module allows users to create alerts for single shipments, for all shipments to a particular customer, for all shipments via a particular carrier, or for all shipments processed by FreightLogic. Notifications can be received via email, fax, or text messaging to any capable wireless device.

The FreightLogic Freight Bill Payment Module

FreightLogic has the ability to create a pre-rated freight bill file that can be used for auto-pay, internal accounts payable, or sent to a 3rd party freight bill payment company as an authorized payment record. FreightLogic’s freight bill payment capabilities can be enhanced with the implementation of the full FreightLogic Freight Bill Payment module. This new module allows for Auto-Pay, Match and Pay, EDI freight bill receipt, and manual entry of freight bills not processed through FreightLogic. Features include administrative review and approval, freight accruals, and extensive search and reporting capabilities.