Warehouse Resource Management Benefits

Flexibility to standardize processes at enterprise and warehouse level. Ability to flexibly manage operations with supply chain partners.

Set business rules for managing:
• Customer-specific orders fulfillment requirements such as labeling, etc.
• Vendor-specific receiving and handling requirements such as quality control programs, etc.
• Carrier-specific issues such as tracking codes, etc.
• Ability to flexibly optimize all warehouse resources such as:
• Inventory
• Space
• Labor
• Equipment

Task Manager

With Stat9 WMS Task Manager you can:
• Manage and monitor all tasks in your warehouse
• Set business rules to automate task assignment in real time to operators
• Interleave tasks for maximizing efficiency
• Avoid dead heading in movements


With Stat9 WMS Receiving you can:
• Flexibly manage and automate your receiving process using a set of business rules and parameters.
• Leverage information on expected consignments for better planning of resources for receipt.
• Set appointments for receiving containers/trailers at specific dock doors and manage their receiving schedules
• Plan the inspection profile for inbound consignments
• Support expected and blind receipts. Receive against ASN (advanced shipment notice), PO(purchase order), transfer order or manufacturing order
• Receive at different levels of sophistication, from a highly automated process using real-time, radio frequency terminals and integrated with automated material handling equipment to a basic paper based process
• Handle receipts at SKU, or movement unit levels
• Closely monitor the receiving process through on-line inquiries and reports
• Measure productivity of operators doing receiving tasks

Quality Control

With Stat9 WMS Quality Control you can:
• Specify business rules to manage the quality control process for inbound consignments by source (vendor, manufacturing unit, warehouse), ASN or container or SKU/Model, country of origin, etc.
• Set rules to define sample size for inspection
• Integrate with material handling equipment to automatically sort goods marked for inspection to inspection areas
• Manage quality control operations such as hold, release, recall, etc. for warehouse inventory
• Automatically trigger quality control tasks


With Stat9 WMS Putaway you can:
• Control putaway movements by defining a set of putaway rules
• Manage putaway movements at SKU, case and pallet levels
• Optimize location selections for putaway by business rules
• Optimize the utilization of handling equipment
• Measure productivity of operators doing putaway tasks

Inventory Management and Movement

With Stat9 WMS Inventory Management and Movements you can:
• Have enhanced inventory visibility at warehouse and location level
• Control allocation of inventory for outbound operations
• Provide audit trails for tracking inventory changes
• Assign access security rights for inventory adjustments
• Leverage bar code and RF technology to maintain accurate, on-line, real time inventory
• Manage all movements within the warehouse
• Create warehouse to warehouse transfer orders

Physical and Cycle Count

With Stat9 WMS Physical and Cycle Count, you can:
• Verify inventory accuracy by a process of physical and cycle count
• Automate cycle count process
• Define cycle count frequency by item or location
• Undertake process using count sheets or RF equipment
• Support rules based and ad hoc counts
• Manage variance resolution
• Constantly monitor the count process
• Execute recounts if variances are found during physical count.

Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ)

With Stat9 WMS FTZ you can:
• automate processes required for operating Free Trade Zone warehouses
• logically segment and manage inventory in layers as per Custom Form 214
• provide reports on admissions and consumption in FTZ warehouses to enable calculation of duties due
• produce weekly and monthly information required by US customs
• set rules to determine the status of product received into the FTZ warehouses based on:
• source warehouse
• vendor
• model
• country of origin

Transportation Planning

With Stat9 WMS Transportation Planning you can:
• Optimize outbound loads while meeting customer requirements such as shipment date range, ‘forward to’ packing and labeling, etc.