3PL Features and Benefits

3PL is far more than simply a WMS, but rather an enterprise 3PL solution that offers a significantly broader footprint. From its inception as a true 3PL system, it was designed to focus not only within the four walls of the warehouse to provide state of the art inventory control, but to look outside to your customer to enable you to automatically provide and enforce each customers SLA (Service Level Agreement) while at the same time, reducing the cost of customer service.

Through a combination of advanced offerings such as user configurable alert notification (with customizable content for any condition and state within the database), configurable workflow by client (by any combination of customer/shipper/product on the inbound or customer/receiver/product on the outbound) to additional features like a fully configurable rating engine, full document imaging (including the ability to run paperless) and an advanced self service portal, Doing business has never been easier and customer satisfaction never higher than with Accellos One 3PL.